Positive Parenting Conference 2017

Positive Parenting Conference 2017

The Positive Parenting Conference 2017 Premium Recording Package Includes:

  1. Videos for the following outstanding talks

    • How to Be an Emotionally Intelligent Parent with Dr. Laura Markham 
    • How to Get Your Kids to Cooperate with Susan Stiffelman
    • What to Do When Your Child Does NOT Want to Do the "Right" Thing with Heather Shumaker
    • How to Raise Resilient Kids Using The Danish Way of Parenting with Jessica Joelle Alexander
    • 5 Easy-to-Remember Non-Verbal Communication Skills That Will Make You a More Mindful Parent with Roma Khetarpal
    • How to Help Your Child Be More Assertive with Katie Hurley
    • How to Use a "Time In" Instead of the Traditional "Time Out" (and Why) with Ariadne Brill
    • 3 Crucial Perspective Shifts That Will Help You Stop Yelling at Kids with Sheila McCraith
    • Staylistening: One Simple Tool to Handle Tantrums, Emotional Meltdowns and More with Tosha Schore
    • School Stress: How to Cope With It Calmly and Effectively with Lori Lite
    • How to Leave "Mom Guilt" Behind Once and For All with Suzi Lula
    • 5 Simple Coping Skills To Help Anxious Kids Calm Down with Janine Halloran
    • How to Deal with Bullying (Whether Your Child is Bullied or Is the Bully) with Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore
    • How to Offer Positive Encouragement (Sorry, “Good Job!” Doesn’t Cut It) with Jennifer Lehr
    • Say What You See: A Simple Script for Calm Communication When You Are Ready to Explode with Tracy Cutchlow
    • How to Respond to Tears to Raise Strong Kids with Kate Orson

  2. Bonus: Downloadable audio for all talks

  3. Bonus: Printable summaries (with timestamps!)  for all talks

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Positive Parenting Conference 2018

Positive Parenting Conference 2018

The Positive Parenting Conference 2018 Premium Recording Package Includes:

  1. Videos for the following outstanding talks

    • Track #1: Connection-Based Parenting

      • Solution-Oriented Discipline: How to Raise Kind and Capable Kids Instead of Momentarily Compliant Ones with Rebecca Eanes
      • How to Stay Connected With Your Kids When They Are At Their Worst with Dr. Laura Markham
      • 5 Easy Rituals to Build a Strong Connection with Your Kids with Alissa Marquess
      • A Simple Solution to Fight Parenting Overwhelm with Patty Wipfler

    • Track #2: Solutions for Modern Day Parenting

      • How to Break Your Child Free From the Entitlement Epidemic with Amy McCready
      • A Look at the Latest Research on Screen-time and How to Protect Your Kids with Dr. Victoria L. Dunckley
      • Why You NEED to Give Your Child Ample Time for Free Play (Backed by Science) with Dr. Peter Gray
      • How to Parent Bravely in a Culture of Fear with Lenore Skenazy

    • Track #3: Research Guided Parenting

      • Why Kids Misbehave and How to Respond Using Conscious Discipline with Dr. Becky A. Bailey
      • How to Raise Kind, Compassionate and Empathetic Kids (and Why It Is the Best Thing You Can Do for Them) with Dr. Michele Borba
      • How to Help Your Child Develop a "Yes" Brain with Dr. Tina Payne Bryson
      • How to Combat Parenting Stress (Backed By Science) with Dr. Melanie Greenberg

    • Track #4: Habits & Life Skills (Part 1)

      • Key Responsibilities EVERY Child Should Know How to Shoulder with Dr. Deborah Gilboa
      • How to Help Your Child Overcome Picky Eating with Maryann Jacobsen
      • How to Teach Your Kids the Fine Art of Conflict Resolution with Leeza Steindorf
      • 5 Important Money Lessons Every Parent Must Teach Their Kids with Holly D. Reid

    • Track #5: Habits & Life Skills (Part 2)

      • How to Keep Our Daughters from Falling Victim to the Perfect Girl Syndrome with Katie Hurley
      • How to Be More Mindful and Take Kids Along on the Ride with Susan Kaiser Greenland
      • How to Be a Mentally Strong Person and Raise Resilient Kids with Amy Morin
      • How to Raise Remarkably Self-Motivated Kids with Douglas Haddad

  2. Bonus #1: Good Behavior without Punishment - A 5-Part Mini-Workshop with Dr. Laura Markham

  3. Bonus #2: Handling Power Struggles - A 5-Part Mini-Workshop with Nicole Schwarz

  4. Bonus #3: Downloadable audio for all talks

  5. Bonus #4: Printable summaries (with timestamps!)  for all talks

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